Nerrative essay

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Defense of the diploma project is an important moment in the life of each student. It includes two main stages: preparation for protection and academic writing help , directly, defense itself. How to properly prepare for protection?

First of all, do not be afraid of anything and relax. Do not treat members of the commission as enemies. They also want you to successfully defend your thesis work. Usually low ratings are put in the event that in the eyes of the speaker one does not see an understanding of what is at stake. If you are not very arrogant, self-confident type, then everything should end well. paper writer were allowed to defend, so you have already done a great job. And no one will break it at the last step. Remember that evaluation on protection is not a life sentence. Do not get hung up on it.

Protecting a diploma project is a reflection of your skills, use them. If you have practical experience – apply it in full. The Commission does not expect from you scientific discoveries. Diploma work is a project that should show your level of preparation as a young specialist. A young specialist should be adequate and smart. This is sufficient for successful protection.

Rehearse your report in advance. This must be done at least 3-4 times. Arrange the pre-defense of your relatives or friends. Another option – tell yourself in front of the mirror. Speaking skills will be useful to you in life many more times. Therefore, the protection of a diploma is an opportunity to practice before entering the working life.

Recheck the numbers, tables and graphs. Some members of the commission pay special attention to figures and calculations. Therefore, there should be no incorrect data on the presentation slides. It is better to hedge and check the numbers.

Do not forget about the thesis leader. He is your best assistant in training. Be sure to ask him questions that you care about. Do not be afraid to seem stupid. Do not leave communication with the manager for the last few days. The earlier you show your interest in a positive result, the more help you get from it.

The obligatory element of the defense of the diploma project is preparation of the presentation. According to it, the commission should have a clear idea of what the problem was, what you are proposing, and what comes out. Pay attention to the design of the slides.

Do not be afraid of questions from the members of the commission. In any case, they will be. At least one, but it will be.